The Avana promise

Our commitment begins with our core values that guide how we work so you can live, work and play.

We are dedicated to inspiring your best life with cannabis formulations made to complement your health and wellness goals. This motivates the work we do every day, from cultivating and hand-selecting premium flowers with glistening crystals to researching new dosage methods and advanced formulations.


Zubin Jasavala, CPA, CA

Chief Executive Officer, SPIC

Zubin is a passionate, entrepreneurial leader with more than 10 years of experience in finance and business management. His expertise in business development, fundraising and investor relations allowed him to effectively manage a team of 20 employees at Fengate Real Asset Investments while overseeing more than 10 infrastructure funds with over $1.3B under management. Zubin’s unwavering passion for the cannabis industry has allowed him to build a diversified, successful team creating a strong foundation for Avana’s growth.

Dr. Soyoung Lee

Chief Scientific Officer, QAP, RPIC

Dr. Lee is a sought after advisor for licensed producers with expertise in ACMPR regulations, SOPs, pharmaceutical research and development, pharmaceutical formulation and quality assurance. Soyoung has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Toronto and post-doctoral studies at The Hospital for Sick Children.

Why Choose Avana?

We believe in the power of nature to nurture.

From seed to plant to bud, we put our collective expertise into cultivating exceptional cannabis plants and creating formulations to help you reach your personal health and wellness goals.

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