Avana Canada Inc. becomes Licensed Producer under the ACMPR

Licensed producer status moves Avana one step closer to EU GMP Certification and vertical integration in Canadian markets.

St. Thomas, ON, July 2, 2018

Avana Canada Inc. has been provided a license to produce cannabis under the ACMPR at its 27,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Thomas, Ontario. While an important milestone for the business, obtaining licensed producer status is just one small step in Avana’s larger strategy to penetrate global medicinal markets and select recreational markets.

“While working towards obtaining licensed producer status, we have been moving all other aspects of our business forward,” explains Zubin Jasavala, CEO, Avana. “One important thing to note about our production facility is that we have been working towards EU GMP standards, and beyond the requirements of Health Canada and the ACMPR.”

While the recreational market is eminent in Canada, Avana’s sights are set on exporting to international medical markets. For these reasons, research and development at Avana is largely focused on intake methods and formulations for medical use.

“From cultivation to product development, we are dedicated to the progression of cannabis as a viable medical treatment option,” Soyoung Lee, CSO, Avana.

Avana has already been treating patients before ever growing their first cannabis plant, through their affiliate network of medical clinics, CannaWay Clinic. Here patients are given precise cannabis treatment plans, and are actively monitored through the duration of their program. It has allowed the opportunity to both serve people in need and learn about what is working in the industry today.

Additionally, Avana has secured retail licenses in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan recreational market, where their partner and operating manager Native Roots Dispensary from Colorado, USA will be launching storefronts in harmony with the official recreational legalization date.

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