Retail Store Permit in Regina, Saskatchewan granted to Avana Canada Inc.

Avana will be one of six cannabis retail store owners in Regina, with 30 companies winning permits across the province.

St. Thomas, ON, June 1, 2018

The Government of Saskatchewan has issued conditional permits for 51 cannabis retail stores, selected through a two-phased process that began in March and ended with a lottery draw to select from all applicants who met the screening qualifications. For Avana, this permit will complement their retail presence in Manitoba, where they were awarded one of four licenses to operate recreational cannabis retail outlets.

“With a combined presence in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Avana is uniquely positioned in both provinces that allow private retail and e-commerce,” explains Zubin Jasavala, CEO, Avana. “As a licensed producer, we also have the advantage of complete vertical integration – from producer to wholesaler to retailer. We are excited to develop a business model in the province that ultimately provides more value for our clients.”

In Saskatchewan, cannabis retail stores must be standalone operations, selling only cannabis and approved cannabis accessories. The government is allowing 12 months to begin operations from the date of legalization. To see the full list of cannabis retail permit winners, see the media release issued by the Government of Saskatchewan here.

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